Chris Jones’s current show reel

Draw is avaliable for iOS devices

Draw : the showdown is a touch based casual On-rails shooter for the iOS set in the dusty and dangerous Wild West.
I worked on the GUI’s and Menu’s for the game as well the store and customization. It’s is continually being updated and improved.

Kinect Body Projection

Body Projection W.I.P Game done with the great people at the Exertion Games Lab. It is a Kinect based game that is currently a work in progress. My main roles for the project have been working on the Silhouette outlining of users and the physics implementation of the game.

Degradation Game made while at AIE

Degradation Final year project completed at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Made with the Gamebryo engine I worked on various task including graphics Shaders, Camera controllers as well as a Maya plugin to export Level data for our Box2D physics implementation.

The Micro Machines Inspired Top Down Racee

Top Down Racer An Xna game that I made in a similar vein to that of Micro Machines. Solo project that was made in a couple of weeks. It even comes with it’s very own in game level editor. This is going to be re-made in a custom 2D engine.

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